Every crypto platform is different and, especially if you are a beginner, it might be difficult to get your bearings. While there are many opportunities in this world and in the world of non-fungible tokens in general, they aren’t always easy to find and take advantage of. Lucky for you, our platform is user-friendly. Not only. This is the guide for you, amateur or not, perfect for anyone who wants to mint NFTs on MintSpace.

So, you have questions. Nothing wrong with that, since we have answers. But it’s important to understand the terms, starting with the main one. So, what does minting mean?

Minting NFTs, explained

From digital tokens to cryptocurrencies, this is a term you will hear a lot. Still, it’s important not to confuse it with the word “mining.” They are both part of the crypto universe, but they describe different actions. For example, mining entails recording and verifying the transactions on the blockchain. Each new mined block allows the blockchain to continue. So, mining has two goals: creating new digital coins and keeping a detailed log of all the transactions.

On the other hand, with minting users can’t mine a new blockchain block, so they can’t create new ones. Instead, users can validate block, making sure the information is correct and verifiable. All thanks to an algorithm. Hence, mining is about creating a new token, while minting is ensuring the information is validated and ran through blockchain technology, decentralized and safe.

Since you can mint NFTs on MintSpace, it’s time to have a look at how you can do it.

How to mint NFTs on MintSpace, a step by step guide

Nothing to be afraid of. If you follow these simple steps, you will have your own token in no time.

The first important detail to know is that you can only create an NFT after you purchase an item on our platform. Once you purchase the item, head to your personal dashboard and click on the section “mint-items.” The next step is clicking the “GO TO MINTING” button on the right side of the product. The new window will open on the MetaMask extension, which is step number two in our guide. But, what is MetaMask?

How to create a MetaMask account

This is a crypto browser extension, also available as a smartphone app. MetaMask is a crypto wallet, where users can store their tokens, explore blockchain apps, and exchange NFTs. For now, this extension supports ETH cryptocurrency and Ethereum-based tokens and, once you add them to your wallet, you can start trading, investing, and collecting your own non-fungible tokens.

To create an account, you simply head on MetaMask and click on the button “download now.” At this point, you have three options to choose from:

  • Chrome if you want a PC extension
  • iOS if you have an iPhone or iPad
  • Android

Of course, the last two options mean you will download the platform’s app on your device.

For Chrome extensions: once you click “install MetaMask for Chrome,” you will be directed to the Web Store. Easy to download and always accessible. Then, when you need to use the platform, you can manage your Chrome extension on the “tools” setting of your page. You can find the extension in the right of the address field in the browser. This way, your Chrome experience is personalized.

Mint NFTs on MintSpace

For the apps: if you’d rather have the app on your smartphone, both iOS and Android, the process is just as quick. Once you select “install,” you will be directed to the app stores, where you can download MetaMask. Then you only have to create your account and you ready to go. If you have an iOS software, you can find the app on the App Store. If you have an Android software, you can find it on the Google Play Store.

Mint NFTs on MintSpace
The view for the Android users

How to use your MetaMask account

Now, your account is ready to go. But how do you use it? Since this is a crucial step to mint NFTs on MintSpace, make sure to get the details right.

First of all, you need funds. For MintSpace, your options include Polygon Mainnet and Binance Smart chain mainnet. MetaMask will automatically add the chain you select.

So, after you have created your MetaMask account, you are ready to mint NFTs on MintSpace.

How to add an NFT to MetaMask?

The process changes depending on if you are using the Chrome extension or the app. However, MetaMask suggests you do this with the app, which more options and support for you. Here’s how you can do it on both iOS and Android:

  • Access the NFT tab
  • Wait for the token to show up automatically
  • Otherwise, find the address of the NFT, which you can usually find under the “details” page. It’s called “Contract address” where you can find the string of numbers and letters. That’s the address you need to copy into the NFT you want to add to MetaMask.
  • In the MetaMask app, tap the link “+ ADD NFTs” and past it into the “Address” box.

Now, it’s time to go back to MintSpace.

The minting process on MintSpace

Start by clicking on “GO TO MINTING.” Here, you can see the estimated fees under the product you wish to mint. If you decide to change the chain network, the price will also change. Please beware that, usually, for our users, the cheapest option is Polygon.

Click on “MINT” and the process will begin. But don’t be in a rush and leave the page, because you will interrupt the transaction. Just wait a few minutes and your NFT data will become available. Not the case? Try refreshing the page to double check. After the payment has been processed, the minting shall start automatically.

To find the NFT’s data, such as contract address and Token ID, simply check out the right section near the product itself. Either way, all available information is on your personal dashboard.

And there you go, this is how you mint NFTs on MintSpace. Easy peasy, right? Of course, if you have any questions, check out our FAQ section. Are you curious about NFTs? Read about how they are changing the traditional art world.

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