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  • Deerman

    not all monsters look like monsters. There are some that carry their monstrosity inside


    NFT SandCat: where the future meets pixelated poetry


    NFT SandCat: where the future meets pixelated poetry


    NFT SandCat: where the future meets pixelated poetry

  • Universe

    I’m Universe itself, I’m made of stars.
    The Sun is my Heart and Moon is my Soul.

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    Art «Walk through the Universe»

    Art “Walk through the Universe”,
    oil, 20×20

    Everything is connected to the Unified Field, Source of Vibration, There is one Consciousness, One Field, One Power,
    Which moves absolutely through everything..

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    Beyond the perceptual limit, We are all WHITE- GREEN- GOLD – MAUVE – BLVCK & BLUE. 👽

  • Untitled

  • Frigga

    Frigga wife of Odin the one eye God of Asgard. Every hero got a woman playing behind the scene,

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    “Luma the Border Collie on the Farm”

    Luma, the Border Collie, lived on a farm with her best friend, Nataly. They both loved spending their days on the farm, where they had a special connection with the land and each other. Luma was often seen sporting a Panama hat, making her look quite stylish.

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    “Scott and His Boxer’s Unbreakable Bond”

    Scott, a 9-year-old boy, and his Boxer puppy shared an unbreakable bond. They were inseparable, always exploring life’s adventures together. They laughed, they played, and they learned side by side.



  • Flying High

    Love is gonna find her tonight

  • 3D print

    I design 3D figures for you

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    Portrait of Jack Harlow

    The digital drawn portrait of Mr. Jack Harlow is drawn while his song first class is playing.

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    Lost freedom

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    hay I am Kitty

  • man


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    Picture of a demigod in a cruel world

  • Butterfly


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    Monstrous Energy Unleashed

    Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of boundless energy and fierce power with our Monstrous Energy Unleashed NFT Collection. This limited edition digital assortment encapsulates the electrifying spirit of Monster Energy, bringing its dynamic essence to life in the digital realm

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    Shining Phoenix

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    “Vibrantly Captivating Artwork”

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  • “World in a Pan”

    “Explore entire worlds in a single pan through ‘World in a Pan’ NFT. Miniature landscapes tell diverse stories, merging art and imagination.”

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    Monkey #3 Gambling Maven

    Riley, the little monkey, always had a winning streak at the casino. The crowd adored the spectacle, but Riley felt a void inside. Despite the victories, he longed for genuine companionship. One day, he met Lily, a kindred spirit. Together, they discovered that true happiness transcends material success.

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    Monkey #2 Voyager

    A curious monkey named Milo sailed the world on a cargo ship. From Africa’s savannas to Asia’s jungles, he explored. His ship was a mobile haven of adventure. Through oceans and mountains, he made friends, learned cultures, and shared smiles. A little monkey, a big journey, and a heart full of memories.

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    Monkey #1 Philosophy

    In the heart of the vibrant jungle, lived a monkey named Philo. Perched on a branch each day, he pondered life’s mysteries. One day, a whispering breeze brought a revelation: Philo decided to embark on a joyful adventure to seek his long-lost relatives and friends. Through dense forests and roaring rivers, he journeyed, finding inspiration in nature’s beauty. Along the way, he encountered challenges, but his determination never wavered. Finally reuniting with loved ones, he realized life’s essence was in finding his place and cherishing bonds.

  • Espirus

    Spirals lead us to infinite possibilities

  • Encantus

    Encantus is a forest created to hold our thoughts about life and the cosmos.

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    Purple alien

    A start of an amazing alien collection

  • Japanese landscape

    Japanese landscape

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    Football world talent

    paint world famous footballers using pixel art

  • Panther king

    the panther king

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    Mbappe pixel art

    This is character of football talent in the world