Selo Phoenix Entardecer


Selo Phoenix Entardecer

The image depicts a phoenix, a legendary creature that symbolizes renewal and resurrection, inspired by the beauty of the sunset. The phoenix is depicted with wings spread, ready to fly, and its plumage is a mixture of orange, yellow and red tones, as if illuminated by the rays of the setting sun.

This digital work of art is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which means that it is unique and autonomous and cannot be replicated or reproduced without the creator’s authorization. Being a unique work, it has great potential for appreciation, as the value of an NFT is determined by market supply and demand.

The developer of this unique, limited-edition project is artist and technology analyst Carther Phoenix. The fact that he is an artist and at the same time understands technology, allows him to create unique and innovative pieces that are a mixture of art and technology. This unique combination of skills makes his works highly prized by digital art collectors.

In summary, this image of a phoenix inspired by the beauty of the sunset, created by Carther Phoenix as an exclusive NFT and limited to 10 units, is a unique digital work of art, with great potential for appreciation due to its uniqueness and authentication. It is an example of the growing appreciation of NFTs as an art form and investment in today’s market.


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